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Farewell to the beautiful and classy Amber. Yes I hated her gameplay, but I absolutely loved her as a person. She was a sweet soul with a great heart. She was treated unfairly in the house, but now she can walk out to love and support from her family and fans. I have no doubts that great things are waiting for her on the outside.

Amber wouldn’t stay if option A wins out. She wouldn’t have enough votes anyway. Option A is just hinky votes being thrown that would be pinned on other HG. Considering I don’t give a crap about anyone remaining…Option A it is.

I’m over this season. I am sick of watching these scumbags laugh and encourage a crazy man to “prank” a woman out of anger. Amber clearly has no rights in this house. She isn’t allowed to target a guy who wanted her on the block…she isn’t allowed to not be interested in a lunatic who is obsessed with her without being called a conniving bitch. I’m glad Amber is getting away from this shit Thursday.

So Caleb can gloat and work to get Amber on the block, but she is this awful person for wanting to target him for it? I am so sick and tired of the boys in this house using this Caleb and Amber mess to their benefit. Caleb is not a well person. I’m glad Amber is leaving Thursday so this can end.

I cringe at how much Amber loves and trust that despicable snake Christine. Amber has been nothing but nice to her from the beginning, but she has made it her mission to destroy Amber. I remember week 1, Frankie and Zach started disliking Amber because of a Christine lie. Every since then Frankie and Zach have disliked her. Christine also lied and said Amber talks shit about Victoria all the time. Now Victoria despises Amber. I’m so tired of Christine skating by on her crap. People like to say that Brittany and Amber were too focused on Cody, but Christine is the one who wants to boot women out the house to free him up for her. She’s extremely jealous and possessive over Cody, but of course the show doesn’t air any of it.

I don’t know what I want more. These dumb ass girls picked off one by one, or these arrogant jackass boys to be booted. I pretty much despise nearly all of them at this point.

This season sucks so much ass its not even funny. Zach’s nomination speech pretty much sums up how awful and boring this season is. The only way for them to have a resemblance of life in the house is for it to be manufactured and scripted.

I get that its a game and Amber has not been a good gamer, but I hate seeing the house gang up on one person. Amber reminds me of Heather from BBCan2. Heather was a sweet girl who was treated like garbage by the house. I watched the feeds when the show was airing and Sabrina was the major source of all the Heather hate. She made people think Heather was fake by claiming she talked crap about everyone and was a manipulator. In the same way that Christine and Caleb are with Amber. The difference is that some of the HG were smart enough to eventually realize that this awful Heather they heard about and the Heather they saw around the house were nothing alike.

They looked at the track record of Sabrina and realized she was lying. Then they decided to take Heather under their wing. Unfortunately, these idiots on BB16 have an idea of how untrustworthy Christine is and how crazy Caleb is, but they still want to play into the bullshit about Amber. Amber has made a lot of mistakes of her own in the game that has hurt her. However, I believe that she would be a loyal ally to anyone who is willing to pull her in at this point. Look at how loyal to a fault she was to the BS until she realized she was expendable to them. If only a Neda, Jon, Arlie and Adel was in this house for Amber. Not even just for an alliance, but to just dammit defend her!


I’m not even a Zach fan, but how can people claim they feel bad for Nicole because she is nice? WTF? Maybe they don’t watch the feeds, but Nicole talks shit all the time about people. She has said worse than calling someone a fruit loop dingus. Especially about Amber who has been nothing but nice to her. I’m so tired of the America’s Sweetheart edit Nicole keeps getting. Zack told Caleb that Nicole ratted out Amber as well, but the show of course left it out and made it seem like it was only Christine. All I have to say is WTG Zack for giving Nicole a dose of her own medicine. I’m beyond sick of her getting painting as this sweet innocent lamb when she is anything but.

To those asking, Christine told the lie about Zach. Amber and Cody believed her so they are running with it.

Didn’t Brittany slut shame Nicole for flirting with the guys? I remember her calling her a hooch to Jocasta. She also trashed Amber earlier for flirting with Cody. Brittany is being a total hypocrite. The hilarious part is that the two guys she is sucking up to were instrumental in her eviction.

I want to like Brittany, but how in the hell can she be mad at Amber about the votes, but not the guy who put her ass on the block?

Christine is sickeningly awful. Forget her physical looks, she is a UGLY person period. I honestly feel that she is this way outside of the game. Yet she has the audacity to whine about being bullied in school. Her eviction is all I look forward to this season.

I hate bitch boy Cody. This scumbag started flirting with Amber because he wanted to piss of Caleb. Now he has the entire house acting like she is doing this to piss off Caleb.

I try not to get emotionally involved in the game, but It is so difficult to watch these HG mock Amber to her face. She cooks and cleans for them, but they say she is just being fake. It kinda makes me want to run in the house and give her a hug.